Our School

​Aberfeldy School was opened in 1903 and was located on several different sites with two different names- Taungatutu or Aberfeldy, depending on the location. It has been on its current permanent site since 1959. During recent years several building projects have increased the size of the school from one large classroom area to two classrooms and a multi-purpose room.

The school is located approximately 35 kilometres north of Wanganui on the Parapara highway. It is situated in a picturesque valley surrounded by hills and farmland with wonderful views of the countryside.

Aberfeldy School delivers education for Year 1-8 students for both local, rural families and urban families who choose to send their children to a smaller rural school. Aberfeldy School is a proactive and innovative school that continually seeks to deliver quality education to meet the needs of its students. The school is well resourced with computers, interactive whiteboards in both classrooms, extensive playing fields, playgrounds and a swimming pool.
The school has been part of the enviro schools programme for a number of years the school has an orchard and vegetable gardens, and the students take care of our chickens, guinea pigs and rabbits; we are currently involved in developing a fantastic outdoor learning space.