Charter 2020-2023
Aberfeldy School Vision Statement: “Excited about learning and aiming for excellence.”
“Kei te whakaongaonga mo nga mahi ako kei te whai, kia hiranga.”  


School Description:
Aberfeldy School was opened in 1903 and was located on several different sites with two different names- Taungatutu or Aberfeldy, depending on the location. The school is located approximately 35 kilometres north of Wanganui on the Parapara highway. Aberfeldy School delivers education for Year 1-8 students for both local, rural families and urban families who choose to send their children to a smaller rural school. Aberfeldy School is a proactive and innovative school that continually seeks to deliver quality education to meet the needs of its students.

Student Achievement:                                                                                                      
Targets for student achievement will be identified through an analysis of student achievement data and consultation with staff in the key areas of literacy and numeracy.
Targeted programmes will be provided for those students who require extension and remedial programmes, where resources are available. Assessment information will guide the teaching programmes as a major focus of the school is to lift students’ achievement. This will be tracked and monitored through the, special needs register that will be the responsibility of the school’s SENCO (Special Education Needs Coordinator).

Maori Achievement 
We will endeavour to:
● Provide opportunities for all students to respect and understand Te Reo and Tikanga Māori
● Grow the use of, and correct pronunciation of Te Reo throughout our school
● Engage and involve our whānau through hui and community events
● Consult with whānau as part of our regular self-review
● Unpack, explore and meet the aims of Ka Hikitia and Tātaiako.

Our Values: 

  • COOPERATION  We work together as a team accepting challenges.
  • HONESTY           We adhere to an ethical code, displaying integrity, telling the truth and taking responsibility for our actions.
  • EXCELLENCE     We constantly strive to achieve”personal bests” in learning achievements.
  • ENTHUSIASM    We respond to new learning situations with excitement and wonder, while working cooperatively with others.
  • RESPECT             We display courtesy and consideration for ourselves and others of different ages, cultures and beliefs.

Our Goals:

  • LEARNING – ‘To maximise individual potential through personalised learning, so that their talents are developed and academic achievement meets or exceeds national standards in literacy and mathematics.’
  • PEOPLE – ‘To develop collaborative lifelong learners who maximise their potential.’
  • COMMUNITY – ‘To have school community where all members work collaboratively creating a learning environment that maximise the potential of our children.’
  • ENVIRONMENT – ‘To create an outstanding learning environment that is attractive, safe, well-resourced and enhances learning.
  • FINANCE – ‘To ensure there are sustained funds to support the strategic direction of the school  as a leading small school learning environment.’