New Year – New Principal!

As 2021 comes to a close and we farewell Roger Moore as Principal of Aberfeldy School, we would like to welcome Josh PATON who will be joing us as Principal in 2022. The school wishes Roger well in his new endeavours. 

Josh brings many years of teaching experience with him but also brings a wealth of other “adventures” to share with our students that will lead to many teachable opportunities as the children quizz him about his times in the wild!    Josh came and spent the day with us last week and very quickly fited in with the children, even gaining a little following within a matter of hours. We are really excited to have Josh joining us and look forward to the startof 2022.

Please feel free to contact the school if you woudl like to meet Josh prior toteh start fo term.  

A bit about Josh, from Josh…

“I was born in South Africa in 1964 in a small town called Grahamstown, in where I grew up and went to university. I went to the marines, travelled around Europe and had a variety of jobs ranging from a municipal drain inspector to a low-tech, education tool inventor, before settling down to teaching.

At university I met the woman that I subsequently married and with whom I had two children and we fostered another two. Our natural children (now twenty-one and twenty-four) have joined us here in New Zealand.

After teaching for several years and becoming a deputy principal of a private school, I took over the running of a welfare organization, the Hobbiton Association. After over twenty years of running it as well as building another two centres, I went to teach in the U.K. for a bit before joining my wife here in New Zealand where she had taken a post at Whanganui Collegiate School.

I enjoy reading, tramping, and have done skydiving, paragliding, Antarctic scientific exploration, hiked the Himalayas, white-water rafted with hippos and crocodiles, bungy jumped off the highest fixed-point bungy in the world, am a sailor and a motorcycle enthusiast.”