DUFFY THEATRE is here on Tuesday 11th August at 9.45am

The DUFFY THEATRE is coming to Aberfeldy School on and whanau are welcome to attend.

This year Duffy meets a Coggen….

Duffy is spending some time with his friend Bex and they are sharing their new favourite graphic novel series about hybrid animals. The twist is that Bex and her mum Lex have found a guy that can actually bring these animals to life! This means that Bex is the proud new owner of a pet coggen! A coggen is part cat, part dog and part chicken. Unfortunately, this coggen is a terror who they can’t control and she makes a massive mess before escaping and causing havoc throughout the neighbourhood. Duffy and Bex must read the rest of their stories to learn more about coggens before theirs destroys the environment around them.